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Real estate is a highly personal business. That’s why our agents are chosen as much for their people skills as for their real estate experience, education, and business savvy. They know their neighborhoods. They have strong relationships. And they’re relentless in the pursuit of helping people realize their dreams. If it sounds like Windermere might be a good fit for you, please contact us.

Here's what our Associates are saying about Windermere NorCal Properties:

Realtor Katie Robison's Testimonial on why she chose Windermere NorCal Properties initially, and why she continues to hang her license here: "As a new agent, I was afraid I would get lost in a big office; so I was attracted to the personalized attention and the friendly, caring and supportive culture at Windermere. The brokers are extremely knowledgable and available to answer my questions. The Agent Solutions staff is incredibly helpful with my transactions and marketing. Because of my hard work and their support, I have been able to close a lot of transactions in the relatively short time I have been selling real estate."

Broker Associate Denise Towe said the following:  "Windermere NorCal Properties agent solutions has been a huge help to me. They provide transaction coordination and marketing services. Their assistance has helped me be consistent with my marketing; which frees up my time to stay in flow with my clients building stronger relationships; which leads to more business with people I enjoy working with. Their service has made it so I don't need to deal with the hassle and expense of hiring and training an assistant. They are constantly testing new ways to market and to make my transactions run more smoothly. I recommend Windermere to any Realtor who is looking to increase their business and/or have more time."